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Knee Bursitis

Knee Bursitis

Knee bursitis :

Prepatellar bursitis

The prepatellar bursa is located beneath the skin and in front of the kneecap. It becomes inflamed as a result of infection, injury, gout, or repeated irritation from kneeling. Symptoms include swelling in the front of the knee that may be painful. Redness and/or warmth may occur with infection or gout. Infrapatellar bursitis (clergyman's knee), a similar condition, affects the infrapatellar bursa, located just below the kneecap.

 Pes anserinus bursitis 

This bursa is located just beneath the knee on the inner part of the leg. It can irritated in people who jog, have "knock-knees" or osteoarthritis of the knees, or in those who are overweight. Symptoms include pain on the inner part of the knee; pain when sleeping on the side if the knees touch each other; pain while climbing stairs; and pain that travels to the back and inside of the thigh."


Alternative Bursitis treatments


  Natural Bursitis Treatments

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What is a Bursa (e):

What is Bursitis : 

Causes of Bursitis :

Types of Bursitis :

Shoulder bursitis : Subacromial bursitis

Hip bursitis : Trochanteric bursitis - Ischial bursitis

Knee bursitis : Prepatellar bursitis  - Pes anserinus bursitis

Elbow bursitis : Olecranon bursitis

Foot and Heel bursitis : Calcaneal bursitis  - Retrocalcaneal bursitis 

Hand and wrist bursitis :


Bursitis Treatments :

Common Bursitis Treatments :

Alternative Bursitis treatments


Bursitis Images: (comming soon..)

Bursitis Images :


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